Welcome to Tsinghua Mailbox

1. Tsinghua Webmail provide practical email service for you.

Receive and Send Emails,Auto reply/forward,Send Emails Regularly,Edit HTML Emails,Receive POP Mails,Email Magage Operations,Import/Export Contacts, Print Contacts,Contacts Administration,Multi-layer Folder Administration,Featured Personal Signature,Webmail colorful Interface,Customizable Page, User Self-service, Mail Recall More service...

2. Tsinghua Mailbox provides Extreme Style interfact on Webmail,it bring you more enjoying interface and flexible operations.

Extreme Style Layout:

General feature description:
The pages are neat and terse.The design of integrated side column makes mail box more distinct to divide to these parts following:mailbox managing main feature area,contacts area,other folders,other mailbox and value-added feature service area.
Extreme Style feature operations:
1)Auto Saving Composing Email to Draft
 When you are composing emails,the system will monitor the network and save the emails automatically.It can provide safeguard for composing email in the cases of electricity failure and computer crash.

2)Reminding of Sending Attachments
As long as users mention the content about "attachment" when they are composing,the system will give message to ask whether they need to add attachment.The simple and sweet tips can keep user from forgetting sending attachments.